Sunday, 13 July 2008

There is no such thing as a day off!

So this is my weekend off (from my p/t day job) and so what do I do? Do I do some drawing? Do I get the watercolours out? Start reading a new book (I have plenty ready and waiting patiently for me, in that category of 'I will read that soon.' ) ah! I hear a collective sigh and I just know you are smiling wisely. No I have been sewing, I've cooked a roast dinner, run six loads of washing through the machine and hung them out, made a lemon merinque pie, mowed two lawns, nipped to the tip and the supermarket and finished the top I mentioned yesterday, and that was just today!

After I spent the day with my daughter, (yes again, quality time) we designed, and l do use the term loosely, and we sewed on sequins, trimmings and bits and bobs onto a black vest top. As I mentioned yesterday we had been into River Island and she had pointed out said vest, 'I really, really like that mum!', hence the promise that l could do that and so I had committed to make her one similar! Humpphh!!

Its now 11pm Sunday night, and she is happy with her 'original' vest, so that's all that matters.

So I saved £29.99! In retrospect should I have paid up and shut up? Well if she wears it, it will have been worthwhile, on one level, if not, well we spent the weekend together laughing and not bickering and we made a memory together, ah!

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