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Did l really call this blog 'Fat, frumpy & fifty?' Yes, I did and why? Well because I was thinking of a suitable title for this blog, one that summed up my 'NOW' and rightly or wrongly that's how I feel NOW. l remembered my mum using the phrase often to describe herself and other women of a certain age. And low and behold I realise that now includes me!

Am I fat, frumpy & fifty? I guess l'm overweight a tad or two, but then who isn't? Am I frumpy? truthfully? yeah on a BAD day or when l'm just slouching around the house and garden, no makeup, just jeans and a tee. AM I fifty? Ah, now here we come to it, the crux of the matter.

I will reach this monumental state next month. Sigh! I'm all a twitter and I can hardly stop thinking about it!

However, l have decided not to sit and squirm and squeeze this offending spot on my immediate horizon, I have decided that this will be a great year, the year I start to put myself a little more ahead in the queue of wants and needs. Perhaps to pamper, to indulge and perhaps to enjoy!

I haven't a plan but I'm sure it will come together nicely over the next weeks and months and l shall try and stick to it, this plan I don't have!


  1. Oh Sara~

    Fifty will be FABULOUS! At least that's what I continue to promise myself - I have 3 years, 1 month and 11 days to convince myself.

    As for "fat", I prefer to use the word fluffy~ soft, wonderful to squeeze, and always a soft place to sit ;-)

    Frumpy? Oh yessssss......occasionally my hubby will use a stronger term, to which I reply "you call me a b$%*& like it's a bad thing~

    You are not alone and we will soldier on just as those who came before us, armed to the teeth with botox, restylane, and the perfect shade of haircolor!
    Living Doll Vintage

  2. I left fifty behind a long time ago and I wish I knew then, what I know now: FIFTY IS FABULOUS.

    Fifty is FREEDOM...from trying too hard to be everything to everyone [and they don't notice anyway]
    From being the perfect mum and wife, or the best at your job; the clever clogs who knows who said what, the woman who has kept her figure without seemingly trying.

    At fifty you should know who you are and what you want out of life and now the time is yours, so go out and get it.

    As for the fat, frumpy and fifty banner...remember that you have squeezed 8lb of baby, plus all the accoutrements necessary for life, twice, out of an aperture no larger in circumference than a pinhead, or, at a push [pardon the pun], of a pork sausage. You have been chief cook and bottle washer along with all the other proffesions it is necessary for a mother to be, including judge jury and disciplinarian, all the while holding down one, sometimes two jobs, and run a wonderful vintage website.You still look fabulous and have a heart of gold, I should know and I could be know who I am.

    Do men worry that their waistlines increase in direct proportion the their hair loss? Do they know, or care that their 'techniques'have not changed since the first time they 'got lucky' or wonder why we have 'headaches'. No, they don't.
    And it is our fault for not putting them straight, but hey! It's not too late and at fifty, you can be free.

    So let's hear it for the girls.

    I don't find out in ten years time that I was usual.
    By the age of fifty you are the fountain of all wisdom

  3. Dahling, I don't know my actual age, because dear darling Mama burnt her birth certificate (and those of her young daughters) in the family hearth when I was but a wee one. Then, she forced me to pretend I was eleven years old--for ten years. Yes, one could say that Mama was vain in the extreme.

    Be that as it may, I much prefer to think of myself as "luxurious" in shape. Like an exquisitely upholstered silk loveseat, emphasis on LOVE. Ciao!

  4. When I used to work in a girls' school with an all female staff one member of staff described the staff room as "middle class, middle aged and menopausal" not sure if that's any better?!

    (second attempt at word verification)

  5. Awwww!! thanks mama! you say the nicest things!!!

    all true...LOL

    sara x

  6. Not read this first entry before! I can't imagine you as any of your FFF's! Strange what a year brings isn't it?


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