Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Mamma Mia! Oh my!

Oh! my heart is still skipping, it was just soo good, so enjoyable, so Greek!

It brought it all back, very evocative it was of the sun, the sea, the scenery, and the sparkles it really does sparkle like that Greece (it was supposed to be Greece wasn't it), those great fun songs, and La Streep at almost 60 was fabulous!

Pierce, god bless the chest on that man, SIGH!! It may have been an extraordinarily long hot flush, but l came out feeling quite hot and bothered to say the least! HE was gorgeous, though he sung a bit dodge-ily with an Irish lilt he couldn't disguise, bloody great feel good film.

I have criticized the films they show here in Carlisle, as usually very safe, very mainstream, either all cartoons, grunge or teen films, or gung-ho gore flicks, nothing 'literary' or 'deep and meaningful' here. Usually the audience rarely laughs when I laugh, (what is that about?) and never have l attended a film outside of London where the audiences cheer or applaud. Well, they did last night, laughed, sung along, clapped and cheered. Once someone shouted, 'YES PLEASE!' when Pierce appeared and we ALL cheered in agreement and laughed along. Such a great atmosphere and l just laughed so much, my cheeks still hurt and admittedly I welled up twice, once with happiness and once with THAT certain song ... sigh!!
When the credits rolled all too soon, many could been seen checking their watches in disbelief it was over so soon, half the audience left but the rest of us kept singing along, and then we were rewarded as there was an encore and it was soo funny .... you'll love it!

I guess there were only 4 men in a full house of women! People even chatted with strangers on the way out, a rare thing indeed! I think l'll take my daughter afterall, l'm sure she'll enjoy it and I don't want to wait for the dvd to see it again!


  1. Wasn't it fun? Not *all* the cast were brilliant singers, but I was swept away by the joie de vivre. And now I really want to see the stage version...

  2. yes me too!!! start saving for a trip to london l guess!

  3. I saw it last week with my best gal-pals, and we loved it. And I thought the encore was the very best part! Lizzie

  4. I have seen it 3 times now - once with my three daughters aged 13 and 10 (twins). We laughed at different bits but ended up playing the cd soundtrack all holiday!
    I cannot understand why the critics hated this film so much, even now it is reviewed as 'flat' in the Sunday Times Culture Magazine.
    I see many 'Mamma Mia' nights for us when the DVD comes out.


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