Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Like I don't have enough to do!

Why do we do it? Why do we say yes when we mean no!? Why do we take on new projects or assume another role? Does it mean l'm too needy and so l want to be liked and please people sooo much that I will stuff my day to overflowing, until l reach that point where l say ENOUGH!!

Why do l do this often enough, that every six months or so I have sit down with a pen and paper and list my roles, jobs, projects and then I shave the list so I can breathe?

One of my 'roles' is as a part time Museum & Gallery assisitant on a 25 hour week, which is worked over a complicated eight week shift pattern, which changes over three seasons and that only the Ancient Bablylonians or Egyptians would understand!

I juggle this job around the family, which includes two teenage kids, one 13 year old boy and a 16 year old girl (I thank you for your sympathetic groans!) and a 12 year black lab called Pippa. My husband works away most weekdays and comes home for weekends, although as I type, we are in the middle of a three week 'work away' period, which is new to us all; more on that another time, depending how it all turns out!

So as l'm sure you can imagine the daily photofit, with me managing everyone and myself in some sort of tuneless syncopation which we call, our day!

So when l am asked and invariably this is a twice weekly event, to alter, extend or swap a shift to suit someone and anyone other than me, why do I say, 'yes that's fine!' ....even though I am given the, 'you don't have to do it!'... get out of jail free card!

I tell myself that it's cos l want an easy life, no hassle! But the bottom line is it gives me hassle! It doesnt make my life any easier!

Like I don't have enough to do!

So you heard it here first, the first point on my 'plan' is to say no! No changes, no new projects or at least until l finish the ones l've started (oh my!)and for gods sake Sara, as my daughter is always telling me, 'CHILL WOMAN!'


  1. Good luck with your new plan. Sometimes no sounds so easy and yet is so hard. But that usually means its needed.

    Also, thanks for your kind words and comments and for posting the Sharing the Love Award.

  2. They should run "NO" classes for women? Men seem to have no problem with saying "NO" especially to women!

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog and for blogrolling me! I will return the favour!

  3. Oooo - which museum? My friend used to be a curator at the Tullie House - we enjoyed it when we visited.

    Repeat after me: "Sorry, I can't", " No, sorry I've too much on", "I'm sorry I can't fit it in" (makes you sound v busy and important at the same time!)

    (third attempt at word verification - think I should have worn my glasses)


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