Saturday, 19 July 2008


The kids have broken up from school and today is the first day of their hols and they are still sleeping soundly, its eleven am. This is the first year that I am working during the hols, but I have taken most of it off and I will only be at work for about 10 days in total, so I am pleased about that, though I am not sure that they are!

In summers past, we have been very busy with varoius activities, camping, trips out or in, film days, with young kids and six weeks spread before you, you gotta have a plan! As the weather here is usually poor at best, with overcast skies and intemittent showers. At worst the rain comes down like razor blades and lies in wet lakes for weeks. When the kids go back to scool its then the sun comes out agian and we have an Indian summer, when no one is off work/school to appreciate it. I can tell you the weather in Cumbria on any given day changes in a hearbeat. I've known, bright sunshine and blue skies, then within half an hour, wind and hail the size of cherries!

For the first week of the holidays we would always create a ' wall muriel' well that's what we called it! We chose a theme, ie. Millenium, Family, Interests, Star Wars or The year in Colour. We would then pin a long length of plain wall backing paper to the wall, probably about ten feet of it. We would draw within our own 'section' and paint, collage, colour in and write phrases etc. At the end of the week, we would unveil this art work to Dad when he came home and the kids would be thrilled. We have quite a collection, as we often played this 'game' at the kids birthday parties when they we pre-school through to infants. It was always a success, what kid doesnt like to draw and write on the wall?

Of course now, we have teenagers in the house with teenage hormones raging and my menopausal hormones waning! My daughter (16) will work some of the summer if a job presents itself, which at this late stage I doubt, frankly I imagine one has to actually remove ones arse from the bed to get up and at it! My son (13) will stay in his fuggy box of a bedroom and strum his guitars until his fingers bleed or I beg him to help me with some chore or other, which he will do and the grunts and sighs at least reassure me he is alive!

We have some small breaks planned, the kids are meeting their Dad in Manchester next week for a few days, to stay in the corporate flat with him and they will see the new Batman film and shop in the malls. SO I get some time alone with the remote, a gin bottle and a chunk or seven of galxay.

My DH (dear husband) holds a corporate jolly on a boat at Cowes each year and this year I am driving us down there and staying on a farm in a Vintage Airstream trailer (I try and keep the vintage theme going : see my site). DH will be busy entertaining his people and hopefully we get to see him the odd evening. Cross fingers the kids won't be too aghast at it all!
We leave Cowes on my 50th birthday and travel up to my folks in Kent for a BBQ. Followed by a day at Bluewater which will fulfill everyones family shopping expectations. The Apple shop, Starbucks, Primark, Model Zone, Hmv/virgin, Rigby & Peller and Betty Jackson.I will drive home alone to collect Pippa our trusty black lab and the kids and DH will spend a few more days in Manchester.

I am booked in for a Spa day with my pal, in a posh old Hall in the Lakes end of august, a birthday treat!
The kids may also go camping with DH in their last week, this is something I avoid like the plague. I would rather stick needles in my eyes!


  1. How great. And you say you aren't organised - what a fib! Let's try meeting for a coffee when you are in Kent.

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  3. oh yes that would be fab...but I probably wont have the time in August and we will ony be at my folks the afternoon!

    In December though I will probably drive down, so we can exchange presents and visit.I will have more time so we could make that a date!? and shoot the breeze!

    saz x

  4. And before you know it, it will be September - it always amazes me how the holidays stretch far away into the distance from the perspective of July but they are soon over!

  5. Wow - positively military stlye logistics up and down the country. That is impressive!

    I like the apple store in The Bull Ring but have not seen the Bluewater one!

    Have a great Sunday and I hope the sun shines at least a little bit.

  6. They sleep in until 11? Ah looking forward to the days. Husband and I then plan to spend many a happy morning sitting outside their bedroom doors at 6am yelling and crying. Loudly. Hah, see how they like it... MH

  7. now that IS a good plan.....

    to be honest if we didnt wake them, they would, and they ahve sleep through until 12 or 1pm...

    then lm asleep and they are tucking me in and l'm not joking...this has been happening since Sus did her gsce's and then didnt need to go back after mid june...

    and l tell you l'd have those sleepless night back in a jiffy! Though my DH wouldnt...I knew what they wanted, what they needed,where they were , they didnt know the concept of lying....l shant go on, l dont wnat to rain on your parade...

    you will be able to sleep tightly l promise..

    sara x

  8. Ah yes, a plan is a good thing and I have to have one to survive the summer. iCal & I are best friends and summer activities start getting entered in the calendar months in advance, often with a choice of events for the same dates! Of course when the progeny won't get their arses out of bed to participate in the planned activities, it doesn't help much. Mine are still young enough that I can physically pick them up out of bed, but that won't last much longer :-(

    Camping - hmm - DH wanted us to go camping WITHOUT A TENT last year. Interesting concept. I have a blog post in the works about it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  9. Vamping... oopps l mean camping (or actually vamping sounds good to me as an alternative LOL!!) WITHOUT a tent..whats that then endurance traning, as in , test whether my balls are bigger than yours?....I think not almost amercian..ove rot mine for gin and chocolate!?

    cheers x


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