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I am a grumpy old woman!

Well l guess it official! I am a grumpy 'old' woman. Yesterday morning my daughter and I went into town to run some errands, drop of a few CV's for various work for her and to try to find something for me to wear for my 50th meal out with some friends.

Everywhere I went I was met with stoney faces, sirly replies and general unhelpfulness and disinterest. Knowing my daughter would 'tell me like it is', l asked if I was being arsey or having attitude, she said not.

So I can only assume:

a) they don't like southern accents, I have lived in the North for nearly 13 years but, I know this can feel like its a crime sometimes here. I do sound southern. In post offices, my voice seems to travel the length of the queue and even the postmaster can hear me before he sees me. I try and tone it down, but it is ME!

or b) They ALL have PMT or were born with a disposition not suited to retail.

Why must I be the accomodating one? I know to fit in....blend in not stand out. Mmmm...I shall mull this over and analyse it to death later.

We went to have a zip replaced and no tariff of charges was displayed on the wall of the shop and the price which seemed to plucked out of thin air was £12 and would take 3 days, blow that! So l shall get out the old faithfull sewing machine and do it myself.

Whatever happened to the phrase 'the customer is King!'? cos it sure feels like there has been a beheading or an abidication.

But one nice thing, my daughter saw a black vest top she liked, it was festooned with diamante,lace and trimmings and had a glitzy price tag of £29.99, which l am certain must be an error. So we tracked back to haberdashers and bought some assorted lace trimmings, sequins and stuff and will spend this afternoon at the kitchen table, making one for her to wear that will be unique. Oh and replacing the dress zip. Some quality time together. Lovely!
Now I know how I shall be spending one of my two days off, sewing!

Have great weekend yourselves and may it be dry and sunny.



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