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I'm so stressed, I cannot really believe it is me, but I almost always am these days.

So okay, I've had a busy week of evacuation exercises, work pattern changes, strikes and picket lines and busy, busy times on a busy reception, busy... do I really need to say busy again? My current routine, which as I've mentioned before involves juggling work, home, kids, animals during the week, whilst hubby works away. Not to mention the housework and the zillion other claims, which admittedly I put upon myself! This is something a world of other mums do and probably better than I. It isn't anything new, rare or indeed different. We women do joke that we can multi task, but actually I do hold up my hands and say that I do multi task but none of it do I do particularly well ... and it's all getting a wee bit tedious, actually.

Twenty years ago, we lived 'down south', we were you could say 'DINKY', double income no kids yet. Married for 6 years, together for 13 and enjoying 2-3 holidays a year, work, cars, eating out, living the Thatcher dream! (or so we thought then). I held an assortment of retail buying and management jobs, I was well paid, organised, (I was honest!) I was highly motivated and I enjoyed the responsibilities of buying and managing staff, of fashion trips, Fashion week, fairs and flying to conferences. I worked 10 and 12 hour days, sometimes on top of a 60 mile commute to London and beyond and back again daily! I was confident, successful and an achiever.

We made some choices that changed our lives and we had two children. When they were toddlers we upped sticks and moved from the sunny seaside of Kent, to the dark, dank and dreary climes of Cumbria. Great for walkers, climbers, ramblers, farmers and fish! I've had a variety of part time jobs here, which I've chosen so they worked well around the kids' school hours and hol's.

For a time I didnt work at all as I was busy setting up my onlone vintage clothing site ( But I soon felt isolated alone all day on remote farm and so found another job that fit around the family.

So what the hell happened? How can a week of part time work, (granted over five full stressful days), two teenage kids that don't really need mollycoddling anymore, (even if I do fuss), a dog, a rabbit, the usual housework, keeping on top of the garden, some bill paying and a Tesco online shop, drive me to cotton wool wobbly despair? I have the coping skills and stamina to deal with most major domestic/emotional castrophes, l know this cos I have been there, when the shit hits, you can count on me. Please don't misunderstand, these are my choices and I stand by them. But the daily grind seems to be getting the better of me!

SO whats with the stress? the headaches? the angst? the miserable moods? I like to, no hope to think it's the mid life change and all this brings to bear. This too shall pass.

A menopausal mum in crisis with two teenagers in the house. This house is a hormonal haze. No wonder my husband only comes home at weekends! I can't blame him, I wouldn't come home at all!

...5 days off now, breathe deeply, smell the roses, tomorrow is a new day ... yeah well obviously, DUH!


  1. Oh honey. You sound like you could do with a weekend off. Any chance you could leave the teenagers to it for a day or two and head off for spa...

    Alternatively... could you send the teenagers to a relative?

    I don't think the hormonal mix sounds much fun.

  2. thank YOU for the are spot on Sass! I am booked in for a Spa day with my pal, in a posh old Hall in the Lakes end of august, a birthday treat!
    The kids ARE going away tuesday to meet up with their Dad in Manchester, to see first night of Batman film and stay in his 'flat', then they are all back for weekend, when l'm back at work...but not for long, l shall blog about this..

    so I am taking myself in hand, as my first post suggested....
    ANd i did sleep extraordinarily well last night and slept in till 9.15!!! rare indeed....

    saz xx


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