Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Home Alone!

I have put the kids on the train, their first train journey alone but together if you get my drift! They are staying with their Dad in Manchester so they can see 'Dark Knight' tomorrow evening, the day before their mates. This is VERY important to my 13 yr old son, who is a walking wikipedia on all things to do with films and DR Who. This matters to him only a little less than playing his guitar with his band.

I have now until thursday afternoon to myself! Although l am working on Thursday, the rest of the time is FREE for ME!! weeeeee!!!

So what am l spending this quality me time doing? Well, so far l have driven to the gym; it was closed. I have spoken to two insurance companies, phoned the bank and then SKY to get the digibox reset. All the programmes l set to record to watch tonight and tomorrow night have FAILED! I have changed the sheets (please don't yawn, you are riveted aren't you!) and l am debating whether to mow the lawn now or tomorrow, as it looks like rain. Such decisions! I have hoovered and tidied my daughters room. This is a chore she abhors with avengence and a sour face on her that would make anyone think l'd asked her to drink her own urine, or worse!?

But I have a saviour! My pal Lynn, has phoned and she is escaping her rural village life and little ones. We are meeting at 6.30 for happy hour at 'our' Italian bistro and then we are going to see Mama Mia. My daughter and l have planned and postponed this twice, I think she was humouring me anyway, she is so bored after 4 weeks off school and 'no job yet', that a Magnum and chick flick with mum is just about ok. Well, she's jumped ship and l'm going anyway! Her Mum laughing loudly and humming or even singing badly along to the ughhhhh! retro soundtrack maybe a tad too embarrassing!

Lynn (I hope) isn't embarrased by me! We're lucky, we seem to get each other, she is a mum, albiet a mum of toddlers not teens, and she is almost a generation younger, she has a wise head on her young shoulders, she is from 'down south' also and she is a 'mentalist' too!

We can chat and vent, sympathise and soothe, eat much and drink little We can laugh and sing along as loudly as we like, ignoring the usual silence that surround us, it seems that the locals are very restrained and subdued at cinema, which just makes us worse!!

So we are in for a lovely evening!


  1. That sounds fun! I saw Mamma Mia last weekend with a friend who was visiting from out of town. It was wonderful!

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