Wednesday, 23 July 2008

100 things...second thoughts!

I have just read this blog post and I decided it should not be ignored, so I have removed my post also. Random jottings of a book & opera lover

She writes; "I read an article the other day in a daily newspaper about a woman who was horrified to find that details she had posted on Facebook had turned up on a sex site and she had lots of very weird people contacting her. While I thoroughly enjoyed the 100 Things About Me (who wouldn't enjoy talking about themselves...) I had slight misgivings while putting them together and then this morning I received an email from a fellow blogger who pointed out to me the dangers of all this information on the blog, and said that it would be very easy to track me down and identify me. She cited a friend who had her identity pinched in this way which was used to get a new passport and benefits book.

While not wishing to sound paranoid about all this, I have therefore decided to take the posts off the site. I have printed them out and also all your lovely comments and responses which I very much appreciated but the posts themselves have now been deleted.

Shame isn't it that these sorts of precautions have to be taken. I leave it up to anybody else who has done this exercise to have a think and my thanks, once again, for the warning."

Hear, hear!


  1. I'm sorry I didn't visit in time to read them. Oh well, you're probably wise. I probably don't worry enough about that kind of thing (knock wood).

    I've been reading your blog & I'm really enjoying it. Thanks for all your visits to mine!

  2. Hello! Better to be safe than sorry I always say. And I love that photo of you and the kids ... in our house too, a grown-up absolutely cannot lie down on the floor without being jumped on.

  3. LOL....well in all the pics taken, l'm being pulled or pushed, that's kids though eh? (gone back south) is a term I use in my head quite often.!!

    and 'reluctant housewife'...l feel better that they are off the blog, only in as much as they may be, potentially, possibly, 'abused'..though l enjoyed doing them, even if a few crucial were left off, in the need of privacy, the comments were kinda cool...

    l can always email them to you...

    saz x


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