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X is for


During our time living in Mexico in the late 1960's and
then later during holiday visits in 1970's, we made some wonderful excursions.
Our Sundays were traditionally spent at the zoo, a museum, an afternoon in Sanborns, the cinema or if we were really lucky my parents and sometimes 'grandmother' Mamacita (little-mother) would take us to Xochimilco.

These are the famous floating gardens. These floating platforms/boats were decorated back in those day with fresh flowers. Then in 1980s they were decorated with paper flowers. These days unfortunately they are just painted boats.

There were floating kitchens selling tacos, enchiladas, quesadilos. Others selling flowers, native goods of magnificent silver jewellery. Other plied drinks, cacaquates and puppets and pinatas.

We would go for a 'punt on the canals, then sometimes we would be allowed to go riding. Then it was on a clearing amongst the trees, with gnarly roots and trunks every which way. It is not like that now. Health and safety issues and all that!

Once l remember my horse/pony broke into a gallop and he sprinted back towards home. I was frightened and thrilled at the same time and thanks to the wonderful western saddles I held on and didn't fall off ever!

We became quite proficient.
Horse riding was available at zoo's fairs and most attractions.

There was a colourful - like everything - in Mexico market and we bought traditional blouses and dresses. Tablecloths and t shirts.I remember being there with my best friend Patience in 1975 during the school holidays in our Junior/senior year- I went to go school i the states for a time. We flew alone, we were 16 and met my father in Mexico city.
We went to Xochimilco again, Taxco the heart of the silver trade, Cuernavaca
and a wonderful night seeing a performance of the Folklorico. Of which I will post another time.

I have been a lucky girl all in all.

(please note these are not my images, these are sourced from the net.
I hope that isn't cheating on abc wednesday)

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  1. Can you believe it? I remember reading about the floating gardens in my 5th grade reader at school oh so many, many years ago. It really made an impression. I guess it was so far away and foreign from my everyday life. Thanks for the memory and the perfect X post.

  2. What a fun post to read...very colorful...enjoyed the info and photos...

  3. Such a colourful place and I can only imagine the food! I've never been but that canal looks especially inviting.

  4. ... and please explain why that first image is not on RedBubble yet ....


    Tapping foot, waiting for reply .....

  5. What a fascinating post - I bet you have wonderful memories of your time there.

  6. Saz, I stopped in my tracks when I read this. My parents honeymooned in Mexico, and one of my favorite pictures of them was taken on one of the boats there called the Lolita! ;-) It had an arch with flowers. Daddy was in a three piece suit and was quite the sport! LOL!

    AND when I was a teeanger, Mr. Magpie and I went to Mexico City with our class, then on to see both Cuernevaca and Taxco! We were slated to see the Ballet Folklorio (sp), but I wasn't feeling well and didn't go. In my somewhat tired brain, I know I saw them some years later, but I'm trying to think where. At any rate, this was fun to see what Xochimilco looks like now.

    Thanks for sharing with us...


    Sheila :-)

  7. We went there is 1982 and enjoyed the day. I don't think there were flowers of any kind on the boats and the canals were a bit grotty but it was a colorful adventure. Thanks for the memories.

  8. Thanks for sharing these incredible photos and allowing me to 'travel' to parts of the world which I haven't been able to travel to yet!

  9. This is fascinating, Saz! I've never seen photos of this place, and didn't know you had lived in Mexico. What an interesting life. I really enjoyed this. XO

  10. Haven't been to Mexico since 1987. I'll have to think of the country NEXT time I hit X. Thanks.

  11. (please note these are not my images, these are sourced from the net.
    I hope that isn't cheating on abc wednesday)


  12. Memories, memories, so many colourful enchanting memories. To me Mexico is colour and music and scents both exotic and nasty. We were lucky.

  13. A colourful and highly interesting X from a place I have never been.

    PC Thank you for the comment on the POTD, and belated congratulations for all those you have won yourself! :-)

  14. I have never heard of the floating gardens.
    Thank you! I just love ABC Wednesday...I learn so much.

  15. Xochimolco is one of my most favorite memories from the trip I made to Mexico with my parents in '67 or '68. I so loved floating along in the boat, seeing all of the beautiful flowers, and the people were just as lovely. Thank you very much for reminding me of such a wonderful little vignette in my life!

  16. Saz, these are fabulous .. one day I must go back to Mexico .. but I will be smarter and not have ice with my cola bought from a roadside vendor ...

  17. That was great! I went to Xochimilco a few years ago so it brought back great memories. I went on a flower filled boat and paid a Mariachi band in another boat to play "Guadalajara" for me; everytime I hear it now, it reminds me of Xochimilco.

  18. Great X! And wonderful memories of fun times. It all looks and sounds so colorful and lively.

  19. Soooooo colourful and beautiful :)

  20. Saz, how have I missed this colourful blog this week - What an amazing past (and what a future) you have, my dahlink! Bless you, this was a lovely sojourn in Mexico xxx

  21. Wow, wow and thrice wow! Oops W was last week ;)


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